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Goose down production

Current goose down production is carried out both on large farms as well as on small household farms. Ukrainian farmers can profit from this business producing such products as goose eggs, goose chicks, goose liver or foie gras, goose meat, goose fat, feathers and down for industrial use (for furniture manufacturing, fillings for duvets, pillows, down jackets, sleeping bags, etc.). One can get up to 20% of goose down after processing 1 kg of goose feathers. Thus, to obtain 200 g of high quality goose down you should have no less than 1 kg of fresh goose feathers.

Goose down from Ukraine is of higher quality than goose down from China and naturally much more expensive than Chinese goose down. A cluster in Ukrainian down is bigger and that is why products made of Ukrainian goose down fillings are warmer. So, you can see now, that clothes or sleeping bags and bedding filled with high-quality down-feather mixtures manufactured in Ukraine are softer and warmer, have less weight and will serve you longer.

Ukrainian goose down is highly appreciated by buyers from Europe and the United States.

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