Down and feathers washing

Який пух кращий? Натуральний чи синтетичний пух?
Natural or synthetic down? Which is better?
Goose and duck down quality control
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Down and feathers washing

If you want to buy goose and duck down or feather it is important to know that it is well washed and treated with conditioner to avoid breaking cluster.

Our production capacities allow to thoroughly wash goose or duck down and feathers. To do this, we use only high quality European detergents, softeners and conditioners. Washed down and washed feathers become more fluffy, soft, have no smell. Feathers and down are completely ready to use.

The maximum load of 40 kg ensures that the feathers and down will be well washed and dried.

The process of washing is carried in a special washing machine drum type, where the down and feather is washed with special detergents and rinsed with high quality conditioners. For this purpose, we use only high-quality European detergents and conditioners.

After that, washed feathers and washed down become more fluffy, soft, odorless. Down and feathers are completely ready to use.

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